Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Still in a nostalgic frame of mind....

Another sweet memory of Valentine's Day was the yearly ritual of rummaging through the closets for the elusive shoe box. If you were in need of a shoe box any other time of the year it would be easy to find, but for some reason they seemed on the brink of extinction when it was just one week until St. Valentine's Day and your teacher had given you the annual directive to "bring in a shoe box" by a certain deadline.

After the shoe box was finally found, a lot of thought would go into what your shoe box would turn into......covered in aluminum foil or slathered in pink or red paper did not matter. It would become the vessel that would hold those pre-cut and printed little strings to your heart. You held your breath as it was time to open each one. What valentines did you recieve from your circle of friends? Which ones had candy attached and most importantly did you get a "special card" from that someone special?

This is the first time I have ever created a card for a challenge and for a card making contest. It is appropriate that it is created for a holiday that had so much to do with cards!

It has been created for the Mojomonday blogspot and now I will go attach my picture and link this blog by using "Mr. Winky's Magical Widget"!

Have an inspired day!