Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Iris - the State Flower of this Beloved State - Tennessee

It is not often that I have expressed my pride in the state where I reside. I have admired the locations where I have lived. I have enjoyed many homes from as far north as Vermont to as far south as Fort Lauderdale and while there are things that I really miss from many of these locations I have never been more proud of being a resident than right here in Franklin, Tennessee.

We recently suffered what has been coined a 1,000 year flood. Devastating amounts of water poured into our cities and towns. While we were personally spared most of our friends and neighbors were touched in some way by the flood waters.

This week I created an Iris card and ironically my Variegated Iris bloomed for the first time. Pictured is the Iris and the card... both are dedicated to Tennessee. The Volunteer State that this stately flower represents. A beautiful state with just plain good people!

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