Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nostalgic musing on a vintage chocolate box....

Do you remember the chocolate boxes from the sixties? I was not very old but I remember on Valentines Day for several years waiting with great anticipation for my father to get home from work.....I was waiting to see if he would have that "chocolate box" in his hand.

Of course, the way I remember it, he always did and for me it was not the anticipation of sharing the contents but is was the beauty of that box. Sometimes red and sometimes pink they just looked so....romantic. There were soft flowers and lace all wrapped around a box covered in shiny taffeta. Sometimes the boxes were heart shaped but the really beautiful ones might be rectangular or square. If they were extra special they would be adorned with faux pearls and lots of ribbon....regardless there was just something nice about him walking through the door with that box.

I have posted a card on Etsy today that was inspired by those boxes.

Have a great day!


  1. Beautiful card! Wonderful memories.

  2. Toni, this is a wonderful post!! Keep up your creativity, you are a talented writer!!