Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Joy is not in things; it is in us.....

Happy new year.....(a little late). This is how I do things. I mull them over. I don't jump in with both feet. The water might be cold and I really dislike cold water. So finally here I am with my guidelines for the new year (again, this is how I do things - I am more successful with guidelines than goals or resolutions).

I have been hearing the phrase "fifty is the new thirty" or forty or whatever....anyway it made me think about how old I really feel and I decided that I don't feel any older than I did at thirty five so....."fifty is my new thirty five"!

In honor of that I have decided to celebrate the number 35.......

I will run 350 miles this year including 3 5K runs

I will perform 35 random acts of kindness (charity donations, volunteering, etc.)

I will produce $35 dollars worth of my products per day for a total of $175 per week and $9100 for the year

I will try 35 new healthy recipes in 2010

I will try to do 35 minutes of yoga a week

That should do it....whew!

I have posted a card that expresses how I feel about 2010 - Joy is definitely not in things and while I am not exactly a material girl I would like to remember that joy comes from how we feel inside, sharing time with others, and accomplishments that help us to feel fulfilled.


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