Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My "Room with a View"....

This summer we had our daughter's bedroom and my studio painted and we switched the two rooms. Taylor loved it when she was home this summer because the new guest room is darker and was conducive to sleeping in...I love the switch because my studio is so bright!

But most of all I love my new view and my paper crafting window faces the large double window with this great view. The flowers are getting a little tired, but I have an endless parade of butterflies, Hummingbirds and Cardinals to make up for the fading flowers

I put up a Hummingbird feeder hoping they would find it before their fall migration and within hours I was rewarded with constant entertainment just a mere four feet from my chair! They are a wonderful and spectacular creation of nature!

Now will I be able to concentrate on my work......

Have an inspired day!


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