Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A wonderful Sunday!....

You just never know what life will bring....Saturday afternoon our friend and neighbor came over to ask us if we would like to attend the Titan's football game on Sunday. We were hesistant as our annual True Blood Season Finale Party was the next day and plus I was supposed to work at Heart and Hands in the afternoon for a few hours, but it just sounded like fun. I found someone to work for me and worked hard the rest of the day to have everything done for the party.

Wow, it was worth it! We sat in a fantastic suite, the food and drinks were great! The day was one of those TOP TEN days of the year with crystal blue skies, not too hot and a light breeze! Perfect! Posted is a picture of the National Anthem presentation. Thanks so much Jerry and Kim for sharing the day with us!!

The party that evening was great with lots of good friends, the TB Finale and a surplus of food. True Blood was full of twists and it will be hard to wait until next June!! I made some little tags with vampire stamps and some quotes from the show this season and hung them on a black Halloween tree.....lots of other decorations but I forgot to take pictures!! Oh well....next time!
Have an inspired day!


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